• Eugene Puryear

Why Is the US Threatening Sanctions on Ethiopia?

The US is threatening to destroy Ethiopia's economy by suspending economic partnerships and sanctioning the government over its war with the TPLF, leaving many surprised that Washington would go to such extreme lengths to alienate and potentially destabilize a long time ally.

What’s this really about? Is it the geostrategic importance of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa? Is it because Ethiopia made peace with Eritrea? Is it the cold war with China? Is a regime change scheme afoot? Or is this a case of a Democratic administration with no coherent policy reacting to media reports and human rights reports rather than coming up with policies crafted by western capitals and foreign ministry officials?

To help break it down, Rania Khalek was joined by Eugene Puryear, a journalist for Breakthrough News and host of The Punch Out podcast.

This clip is from a longer interview with Eugene on the conflict in Ethiopia. You can watch the full episode here.