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Stay Home and Starve, or Go Work and Die?

6:45 The elite have ripped the paper-thin mask off of the sick system, and now workers must choose between economic and physical survival. The reopening is upon us, ready or not.

18:55 Bolivia’s racist coup government has politically weaponized the virus against the Indigenous and the working-class. Its targeted negligence borders on genocide against the social base of the country’s resistance.

25:46 A group of sanitation workers are striking in New Orleans. The city government praises frontline workers in word but pays them poverty wages and replaces them with prison slave labor.

33:37 The Democrats’ latest stimulus bill is completely inadequate to stop the economic blood-letting. With no progressive agenda on the table in Washington, who will speak for the workers?

Immigrant farmworkers in Washington state’s Yakima Valley are striking against exploitative agribusiness companies. Amid this virus, is a new wave of agricultural workers organizing on the way?

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In US news and current events today, the reopening of the economy is on everyone’s minds. Join us live on BT News while we explain why reopening the economy disregards human life. The only people benefiting from the reopening are the elites, among them Jeff Bezos who may become a trillionaire in the middle of this global pandemic.

A group of workers in New Orleans, known as the City Waste Union in New Orleans have banned together to go on strike and fight for a union. The sanitations workers were fired and replaced with prison slave labor.

The democrats coronavirus stimulus bill explained in this livestream. We go deeper into why this second coronavirus relief package doesn’t even scratch the surface of what workers need.

We turn to Latin America to go deeper into the racist coup government in Bolivia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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