• Brian Becker

Revolution vs. Counter Revolution after World War Two

After the triumph of the Soviet Union over fascism in World War Two, world politics was completely transformed. No longer allies in the war against the Axis states, the “democratic” capitalist countries turned on the USSR and formed a global bloc of all the imperialist powers to confront the rising tide of socialist revolution.

In Part 4 of The Socialist Program’s multi-part series on the history of the Soviet Union, we discuss the emergence of the global class war known as “the Cold War” and key milestones in its early years. This includes the advent of nuclear weapons; the revolutions in China, Korea and Vietnam; the formation of NATO, and more.

Watch the video edition of “The Real Story” on BreakThrough News! Brian is joined by Carlos Martinez, author of “The End of the Beginning: Lessons of the Soviet Collapse,” co-founder of the No Cold War Campaign, and editor of the political analysis site Invent-The-Future.org.