• Eugene Puryear

Media Silences Ethiopian Voices as U.S.-Backed TPLF Plunges Country Deeper Into War

U.S. corporate media and social media corporations are supporting the violent and oppressive Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front, despite the terror the TPLF is creating in Ethiopia. After losing the election to current Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2018, the TPLF is marching toward Addis Ababa with the intent to take over the government by force -- and the U.S. government is supporting them.

Hermela Aregawi, an Ethiopian-American journalist of Tigrayan descent, and Bob Schlehuber, host of Political Misfits on Radio Sputnik who recently returned from reporting in Ethiopia, detail the political situation in the country. They say the global media coverage has been absurdly one-sided.