• BreakThrough Staff

Chaos in DC: This IS America

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Fascist mobs and racist police are as American as apple pie.

On our debut episode of The Freedom Side, Eugene Puryear discusses why the pro-Trump mob was able to enter the Capitol building so easily as well as what the lasting impact will be on U.S. politics.

Special Guests:

➡Dan Cohen, journalist with Behind the Headlines & a documentary filmmaker whose latest film is “Killing Gaza.”

➡Sean Blackmon, Host of By Any Means Necessary.

➡ Melina Abdullah, Lead organizer with Black Lives Matter LA and professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State LA.

➡Anoa Changa, Atlanta journalist, activist, and host of the podcast The Way with Anoa. \

➡Kamau Franklin, organizer with Community Movement Builders, co-host of the podcast Renegade Culture, and longtime activist.

➡Unique Morgan Dunston, founder of Reclaiming Our Time, which has been protesting in Albertville, AL since the summer.