• BreakThrough Staff

LIVE 2021: Fascism, Repression, Resistance

In the wake of the Capitol riot, on this episode of The Freedom Side we get into whats really going on with the fascist threat and how we fight back. ALSO We talk with anti-racist organizers in Denver facing 60 years for the crime of protesting.

Joining the show:

➡️ Daryl Lamont Jenkins, Executive director and founder of One People's Project. Daryle was a co-producer of the Academy Award-nominated short film “Skin,” and featured in movies like “Alt Right- Age of Rage.”

➡️ Kym Smith, organizer with Party for Socialism and Liberation, co founder of Soda City Bail Fund in Columbia, SC and an outside spokesperson for Jailhouse Lawyers Speak

➡️ Lillian House, organizer featured in "In Defense of Justice in Denver"

➡️ Joel Northam, "In Defense of Justice in Denver"

➡️ Eliza Lucero, "In Defense of Justice in Denver"