• BreakThrough Staff

Headlines of the Week 7-31-20

Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced the withdrawal of federal law enforcement agents from Portland. Federal border control and immigration agents, deployed through the Dept. of Homeland Security, were ordered in by the Trump admin against the protests.

Donald Trump has floated the idea of postponing the election, and exactly that has already happened in Bolivia. Tens of thousands of Bolivians have protested this week against the postponement of general elections by de facto president and coup leader Jeanine An-yez.

A study by UNICEF and environmental group Pure Earth found that an estimated one out of three children in the entire world have high levels of lead in their bloodstreams. These levels are enough to impair brain development, nervous systems and vital organs such as heart and lungs.

NJ lawmakers are expected to pass a bill that would free more than 3k prisoners, around 20% of the state’s total incarcerated population. This is the first bill of its kind in the US and, while excluding sex offenders, those sentenced for other violent crimes would be eligible.

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