• BreakThrough Staff

Breonna Taylor: Prosecutors Offer Deal to Her Ex to Smear Her as Drug Dealer

Prosecutors are trying to smear Breonna Taylor as a drug dealer.

Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, was arrested on drug charges on August 28th

A day after he told a newspaper that Taylor was not involved in drug trafficking.

Prosecutors offered him a plea deal, but only on one condition.

if he said Breonna Taylor was involved in an “organized crime syndicate”

They would have a sentencing judge put him on probation instead of sending him to prison

A lawyer for the Taylor family uploaded a picture of the plea deal on Facebook.

Bizarrely, the plea deal named Taylor as Glover’s co-defendant in a prior arrest on April 22.

But Breonna Taylor was murdered on March 13.

Prosecutor Tom Wine dismissed the photos

Saying Breonna Taylor was never a co-defendant and that the plea deal was a draft.

But regardless, it clearly shows the motivation of his office

To smear Taylor — a 26 year old EMT — just like they do with so many victims of police murder.

Taylor was killed when police executed a no-knock warrant, invading her house looking for someone else. So how is her background even irrelevant to the case?

Five months later, no arrests have been made of the cops who killed her.