Our Mission

At Breakthrough News we believe in the power of independent media. 


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About Us

BreakThrough News is a nonprofit media and educational organization dedicated to independent, fact-based reporting and commentary on a diverse range of issues affecting the global movements for social justice. We are a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States.


To remain free of bias and preserve our editorial independence, we accept no corporate donations or state funding. Our funding derives from our viewers, supporters, and foundations that share our mission. Donations made to BreakThrough / BT Media Inc. are tax-deductible in accordance with the law.


Our Mission

Five mega-corporations dominate the media landscape — controlling 90% of what we read, watch and listen to. They control the news cycle, to which social media and even most “alternative” media is forced to respond. 


We are breaking through that cycle. We tell the untold stories of resistance from poor and working-class communities — because out of these stories we will construct a different narrative of the world, as it is and in real time. 


People’s movements in every corner of the globe are changing history and shifting consciousness. But these movements barely receive any coverage from the corporate media. They need visibility. They need amplification. They need a media arm to break through. 


We can be that media arm, but only with your help. Become a Patron and join us on the front lines in the battle of ideas.